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Our Production

We originate and trade certified quality agricultural commodities , on our own fields or in third parties, in Argentina and Uruguay.


Since 2005 we have trading with several locations of America and Europe, cereals and oil-seeds, produced in our own and third parties fields.


We organize the flow of goods from their origin to their final destiny, working with competent and efficient partners.

Edco Grains

About Us


For more than 11 years, EDCO GRAINS has produced and traded organic grains obtained from cover crops. We work every day to build reliable commercial relations, this is why our products and services are supported by a group of qualified personal in situ. Also each stage of the process is certified to provide more security to our customers.

Our experience guarantee the quality of our products from the planting until the goods are brought to the port of destination. We have our own 4000 hectares of organic grain production in Argentina and Uruguay.

Labour & Quality

Production Partnerships

We establish strategic alliances with grain producers.

Food Safety Certification

We develop our products in organic certificated fields.

Added Value

We work to add value to our products.

Expert Counselling

We work hard to improve constantly the process between the production and the final customer.

ISO Standard

We work with port terminals certified by ISO standard.

Major Destinations

Estados Unidos, Canadá, Brasil. Unión Europea, Suiza, Egipto, Israel, Algeria, Sudáfrica, Indonesia, Kuwait, Bahréin.

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More than 15 years
providing international quality services and goods.


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